Wednesday, March 25, 2009


Today I finish the diary but I haven't got a lot of things to tell because I stayed all the day sleeping xD only I went out an hour to a house of one friend and the played with the Play Station 3 xD!

This was my diary!!

Byeee!! ;)



Today I was all the morning sleeping I had lunch and I went out xD! My parents say that I'm more in the street than at home :D! I arrived al 9.00 pm , I now I'm waitting the dinner ;P .Tonight I will go out with friends :D! Yesterday I arrived at 7am at home ^^! Today more latee !!

Tuesday, March 24, 2009


Hello again!

Today starts the weekend!!
We didn't do a lot of things today because all are tired and is the last day ^^!
In the afternoon i went to the train of football. Now I'm at home waiting the dinner and
when I finish I will go out with friends probably at the disco ;P!

That it's all !

Monday, March 23, 2009


Hello :D!

Today is a different day, is a special day because this thursday is typical festival."Dijous Llarder"
The morning is a normally day but at the afternoon the people go with his friends and they go to lunch and have a snack together.
The morning it has been like all the weekdays very normal and boring but the afternoon has been very funny. I went with some friends and we buy food then we went to play football in a village near my town and we stayed all the afternoon there playing football, talking and eating sweets and similar things.

I'm very tired!




At the first hour of class I was sleeping at home because my clock didn't ring :S! But I didn't miss any important in tecnology class. That's the most important thing that happened to me today :S.
Weekdays are very boring and don't happen nothing important to me.
There isn't nothing similar to the weekends, all the day sleeping, going out with friends, go to the disco... I love it :P!
Today i will do it short because I'm very tired and It's very late.
Tomorrow I can't arrive late at class so byeee!!



Today has been a very boring day. We have an exam and all the day studing for the exam.
But It had good times like the class of technical drawing it's allways funny xD.
The exam was very difficult but I'm not worried I know that I failed it XDD.
In the afternoon I went out with my friends like always ^^!

I'm going to sleep early because I'm tired!

Byee ;D!

Thursday, March 19, 2009


Hello! Today I start my diary!

Monday...the worss day of the week. XD

Today I woken up at 8.00 am. I hate up early! At 8.30 we start the school. We start doing tecnology and a part of the class is slept. We do catalan, english, maths... Mondays are very boring in fact all the days are boring except Friday, Saturday and Sunday ;). In the afternoon I went out with friends.

That's all for today.